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Founded in 2007, Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas (YDLV) offers a superior educational environment that inspires in each student a love of G-d, a reverence for the Torah and its mitzvos and a lifelong commitment to the acquisition of knowledge.

Tribute to Rabbi Katz

Year In Review 2018

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YDLV Seeks To Cultivate The Greatness Imbued Within Each Student. YDLV Succeeds In This By:


an interest and excitement for learning.


a warm and safe environment for students to express themselves.


the students in accordance with their ability to achieve personal success in all of their academia.


our students towards pursuing higher level secular education.


our students with a sense of relationship with G-d and love of Israel, and the Jewish people.


the value of Torah study and applicability to all life choices.


technology as an integral component of teaching methodology.


the pursuit of character development and ethical personality traits through combination of curriculum, integrated study, special projects and role modeling by staff.


improving and appreciating the beautiful environment G-d created for us.